1. General Requirements

a) To prevent injuries from the use of knives on the jobsite, ESCO Group will implement a knife use policy for all employees. Prior to starting any task that involves the use of a knife, the employee must determine whether or not the knife is the right tool for the job. If the knife is the right tool for the job, the employee must be wearing the proper PPE. Cut resistant gloves are provided for all employees who are using a knife or handling sharp material. If knife use is required, the knife must be one of the following: locking blade utility knife, self-retracting blade utility knife, or a standard locking blade pocket knife. If a utility knife is used, it shall have a round tipped safety blade installed (shown below). A hawksbill blade knife may also be used for stripping larger wire or cable. 

b) When using a knife always cut away from the body and keep all body parts out of the line of fire. Make sure there are no bystanders or other employees in the line of fire when cutting operations are in place. If using a straight edge to make a cut, a mechanical device must be used to hold the material and straightedge to avoid the possibility of the knife jumping the straightedge and cutting a finger or hand. Never leave a knife unattended with the blade exposed. 

c) Below is a list of the various types of task that require the use of a knife. Cut resistant gloves must be worn 100% of the time when performing the tasks listed below and when performing a task that is not listed that requires the use of a knife. 

i. Opening cartons/boxes

ii. Cutting stretch wrap

iii. Removing excess material from engraved plastic tags/stickers 

iv. Stripping large wire/cable 

v. Buss work

vi. Stripping SO cord

vii. Removing carny balls of tape from motor terminations 

viii. Cutting carpet off outlets 

ix. Heat trace end terminations 

x. Sealtite in the field 

xi. Removing cold/heat shrink that is installed

xii. Removing caulk from installed boxes

xiii. Rob-Roy conduit threading 

xiv. Removing the head of a wire pull

xv. T-Tapping grounds 

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