Employee Safety Duties


a) Conduct yourself at work so as to ensure:

i. Safety for yourself

ii. Safety for your fellow workers

iii. Protection of the public

iv. Protection of company, public and private property

b) Remember, your health and life are very important to you and this company.  Follow all safety rules and regulations and make sure workers around you are safety-minded also.

c) Wear clothing suitable for weather and work.  Excessively loose, baggy or torn clothing that would become caught in machinery or otherwise cause or contribute to an accident shall not be worn on the job site.  Rings and jewelry that could be caught in moving machinery or on ladders should not be worn.  Shirts and trousers are required on the job.

d) Take pride in yourself and your job.  Help keep all areas clean, organized, and as safe as possible.

e) Report all unsafe acts or conditions seen on the job.

f) When called upon to do work under conditions believed to be unsafe, call these conditions to the attention of the foreman, and then thoroughly understand the foreman’s instruction as to the best possible way to do the job.

g) Acquaint yourselves with the principles of First Aid and CPR.

h) Attend ALL Safety meetings, and take an active part in the Safety Program.

i) Know and understand the Company Safety rules which apply to the work you are performing.

j) Properly use all safety devices and equipment.

k) Remember that you are a representative of the company, and that your words and actions should create only a favorable opinion of the company.

l) Promptly report any injuries, regardless of how minor they may be, to your foreman or supervisor.