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Downloads / Videos

ESCO Group

ESCO Group Bi-Fold 2019

This brochure gives you a high-level view of what ESCO Group does and highlights some of our services.

Getting to Know ESCO Electric

ESCO Electric-Promotional Lit-2019

This brochure brings to light the power of ESCO Electric and the services they can provide. After being in business for over 50 years, there’s a lot to say about our responsive and reliable electrical construction unit.

Automation Services

ESCO Automation-2019 w Project Snapshot

Turning SOLUTIONS into reality is what our Automation unit does each day. In this brochure you will find a description of some of our services and our level of expertise. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss our capabilities.

ESCO Power

ESCO Power bifold-2019

This brochure highlights the range of our business unit, ESCO Power. We have experts in our industry working within this group and we are happy to give you more detail.

Engineering Services

Eng Services-bifold-2019-FINAL

In this brochure you will learn what ESCO can offer our clients in engineering services. Our clients are often heavily tasked with running a production facility, and ESCO has the staff to make an impact on their bottom line. Please take a look at this brochure for more information, and feel free to contact us anytime!

Reliable Knowledge

ESCO Automation-2019-Certifications

This brochure covers our various certifications and professional affiliations in specifically our Automation unit. Our employees are given the resources and support to learn and certify themselves in all levels of knowledge. Call us with questions!

Power Quality & Energy Management

Power Quality & Energy Management

This brochure discusses the value that investing in the quality of your power and the management of your energy can bring your facility. ESCO’s certified engineering staff is ready to help you save.

Advanced Seed Production/Facility Transformation

ProjProfile-ASP Transformation-COVER ARTWORK 2016

 This is a project profile describing a project ESCO completed with our long-term client, Monsanto, as they transformed their Grinnell plant to embrace Advanced Seed Production. This project added value to the plant‘s production and relieved their employees with modern technology.

PLC Transformation

PLC Conversion Case Study 2016-COVER ARTWORK 2016

Updating PLC’s is vital for a plant’s production. ESCO engineers have the appropriate training and certifications to perform the transformations properly and efficiently. Our goals to is keep our clients producing what they need to be successful.

Elevate Iowa: Kirkwood Lab - VIDEO

Elevate Iowa: Kirkwood Lab - Thumb
ESCO is featured in this episode of Elevate Iowa. We have worked closely with Kirkwood and Ben Foley, the Automation department head, in order to give input on the education of students in this valuable field.