About Us

A Strong Foundation

The foundation of ESCO Group is comprised of our Vision, our Values, and our Promise. This foundation guides us in making decisions, forming plans, and taking action. It is at the base of everything we do.

Our Vision

ESCO Group strives to be the leader in our marketplace as valued by our key stakeholders. We exist to empower our employees to achieve their personal and career goals while providing value to our clients.

For Our Clients: We will strive to meet and exceed your expectations in all we do while treating your facilities, operations, and investments as if they were our own. We will provide consistent and successful project delivery, each and every time.

For Our Employees: We will provide a rewarding and challenging experience with the ability to grow your career. We promise superior training opportunities, and timely, transparent communications. We will create a culture of accountability, while providing a fun environment that celebrates the great things you do.

For Our Suppliers: We will engage in a mutually beneficial partnership and provide you with a way to get your products to market in a successful manner. We will keep the channels of communication open and honest, remaining financially stable and reliable.

For Our Community: We will play an active role in community initiatives, supporting community organizations, and being an overall good neighbor.


Our Values

The values by which conduct business are an important piece of the puzzle. By adhering to these values, we will find success in business.

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Golden Rule
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Safe & Healthy Workplace

Our Promise 

To be responsive and reliable.

We promise to deliver the most responsive and reliable service in our marketplace. We want our employees and clients to know that we are here to meet and exceed their expectations.

Community Involvement

Community involvement helps keep our neighborhoods strong. That is why ESCO partners with a number of great organizations including those whose mission is to help children.

Community Service

Strengthening Neighborhoods

At ESCO, we understand the importance of partnering with strong organizations and giving back to the community. Through volunteer work and monetary donations, our company and our employees feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Each of the organizations we partner with support the community in one way or another. We are pleased to assist in strengthening our neighborhoods, any way we can.

Learn more about community involvement.

ESCO History

Throughout ESCO’s history we have focused on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with employees, clients, suppliers, and the community. This foundation still stands true today with our current ownership, and will continue as we move forward.


Founded in 1964 by Wayne Engle, ESCO was a small, residential electrical contractor that was run out of the Engle home. Today, ESCO Group is in our third generation of ownership. We have grown our business to focus on a variety of services including electrical construction, plant automation, electrical engineering and safety training.

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Leadership Team

Mission: to provide support and resources to employees so we may provide our clients the best solutions possible.

Leadership Team

Making a Difference

Our leadership team consists of ESCO employees interested in improving the health of our company and the progress of our business. The team meets quarterly to discuss innovative ideas, working together to make change.

Meet our leadership team.

Markets We Serve

ESCO focuses on several specific markets including Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Agriculture, Biofuels, Utilities/Municipals and OEM.

Specialized Services

From NFPA 70E safety training to our agriculture industry clients to the production of new wastewater plants in prominent cities, ESCO has extensive experience serving various markets. We dedicate our talent and resources to six key markets, ensuring specialized and focused services.

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